Research Papers

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Sign and Basis Invariant Networks for Spectral Graph Representation Learning
Derek Lim*, Joshua Robinson*, Lingxiao Zhao, Tess Smidt, Suvrit Sra, Haggai Maron, Stefanie Jegelka
ICLR GTRL Workshop (2022)
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Equivariant Subgraph Aggregation Networks
Beatrice Bevilacqua*, Fabrizio Frasca*, Derek Lim*, Balasubramaniam Srinivasan, Chen Cai, Gopinath Balamurugan, Michael Bronstein, Haggai Maron
ICLR (2022), Spotlight (176 / 3391 total submissions)
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Counting Substructures with Higher-Order Graph Neural Networks: Possibility and Impossibility Results
Behrooz Tahmasebi, Derek Lim, Stefanie Jegelka
arXiv:2012.03174 (2021)
Equivariant Manifold Flows
Isay Katsman*, Aaron Lou*, Derek Lim*, Qingxuan Jiang*, Ser-Nam Lim, Christopher De Sa
NeurIPS (2021)
Also in ICML INNF Workshop (2021)
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Large Scale Learning on Non-Homophilous Graphs: New Benchmarks and Strong Simple Methods
Derek Lim*, Felix Hohne*, Xiuyu Li*, Sijia Linda Huang, Vaishnavi Gupta, Omkar Bhalerao, Ser-Nam Lim
NeurIPS (2021)
Previous version: New Benchmarks for Learning on Non-Homophilous Graphs
Workshop on Graph Learning Benchmarks (GLB 2021) at WWW (2021)
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Doubly Stochastic Subspace Clustering
Derek Lim, René Vidal, Benjamin Haeffele
arXiv:2011.14859 (2020)
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Neural Manifold Ordinary Differential Equations
Aaron Lou*, Derek Lim*, Isay Katsman*, Leo Huang*, Qingxuan Jiang, Ser-Nam Lim, and Christopher De Sa
NeurIPS (2020)
Also in ICML INNF Workshop, Spotlight (2020)
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Expertise and Dynamics within Crowdsourced Musical Knowledge Curation: A Case Study of the Genius Platform
Derek Lim, and Austin R. Benson
International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, ICWSM (2021)
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\[HS(\rho_k(D_{2n})) = \Pi_{\frac{n}{\mathrm{gcd}(n,k)}} \cup \Pi_2\] \[HS(\rho(Q_8)) = \Pi_4\] Spectra of Convex Hulls of Matrix Groups
Eric Jankowski*, Charles R. Johnson*, and Derek Lim*
Linear Algebra and its Applications 593 (2020): 74-89
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The Doubly Stochastic Single Eigenvalue Problem: A Computational Approach
Amit Harlev*, Charles R. Johnson*, and Derek Lim*
Experimental Mathematics (2020)
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